Brads Story continued (3)

19/11/94. It had been one hell of a 24 hours, and I was VERY tired. I had finally got Brad settled at 10pm when a doctor came in to ask questions and check him over. He also wanted to take some blood as the afternoon staff had forgotten. I told him to bugger off as we had both had enough for one day.  Poor guy took one look at my bloodshot eyes and "mumma" glare and left us in peace!!

We unfortunately got our one and only shift of "not so good" nurses. They were having a pot luck dinner at 10pm and had forgotten his bloods, he had been vomiting, had diarrhoea, and the drip had been beeping constantly as was not being checked. I let my feelings known to them in a most un-lady-like fashion, and finally got the help I needed. Unfortunately this was a bit late for Brad as at Midnight I noticed his face looked puffy, and it was discovered that his neck tube had come dislodged and was going straight into his soft tissue. He was so puffed up, his chin was sitting on his chest.  An anesthetist was called from ICU. They had to wake the poor kid up again, pull out his tube and insert another one into his hand, without any form of anesthetic as there was no time.  They made me leave the room and I could hear him screaming from the other side of the ward. I was bloody furious, to say the least!!!

20/11/94. Brad is much happier today with the neck tube out, a bit more forgiving than his mother.  At 10:30am the dressing was taken off his scar and the morphine was stopped.  Brad is now on Brufen and panadol for pain. The scar was sprayed with a sealer and all remaining tubes, wires etc were removed as all pain relief etc can now be done through the wrist needle.  He is smiling again, but no longer trusts any of the medical team!!

21/11/94. 2pm the needle was removed from his hand. Brads blood pressure was still very high and he was put on propranolol medication.. He wants to go to the play room. His heart has been straining for some time to pump blood through  small tubes, and now that it had a "normal" aorta for blood flow, it didn't know to stop working as hard. Initially we were told that Brad might be on these pills until he was 10 but luckily the heart settled down and he was off them within 8 months. Go Brad!!

22/11/94. Only 4 days since the operation and we are told that we can take Brad home. WHAT!!!! Who will look after him??? lol. He has been up walking around well and apart from an upset tummy, is really happy.  I had my final bawl, with relief this time, and at 3:30pm, we hopped in the car and headed home with what we thought was our "cured" little boy.  Brad NEVER coughed once, all the way home, and has not had his "heart cough" since. Our local family doctor removed Brads stitches on 25/11/94.

23/11/94 - 18/01/95. Fortnightly blood pressure checks were made at Tauranga Hospital, and monthly visits with Dr Lees resumed until April where they were extended out to 4 monthly, then 6 monthly, then yearly. Woo Hoooo!!! Brad has an ECG and X-Ray at each visit.

July 1995: All Medication was stopped. Brad is a different kid.  He has endless energy and is very happy.

22/11/95. Back to Greenlane for the post op check-up. We were told that Brads aorta is still slightly narrowed, but that this will probably grow OK with him. He must take antibiotics with any form of dental care, for the rest of his life, in case of infection.    

On the 9th of February, 1998, a routine check up with Dr Lees, put our lives in turmoil once again when he heard, yet another murmur. .......... Brads heart was not "cured" after all, and we were about to start all over again...............

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